Gordon — Instructor/Mentor

I am passionate about learning leading-edge technologies and creating software that transforms business processes. Starting out as a mechanical engineer, I could see a growing need for software developers and quickly made the career change. Now I work for one of New Zealand’s largest law firms writing software for workflow automation, and there’s a passion to pass on some of my 30 years of knowledge to the next wave of students through Innovation Academy.

Neil — Instructor/Mentor

I have been in software industry for the past 20 years and been coding using JAVA, Python and PHP. I have gathered my experiences through the full cycle of software development. In the last few years working in Agile Development environments has been extremely fun and would like to pass on my knowledge to all those willing to listen. My current area of research and passion is specialising in the ever growing field of data science. For Innovation academy I will act as a mentor - cultivating and challenging students to achieve their full potentials


Joel — Mentor

I create immersive websites that help businesses engage with their customers. Though I’m the youngest on our team, I’ve been coding and designing websites for 10 years. Currently, I work for one of New Zealand’s leading websites agencies; working with brands like Deloitte, Earthwise and charities such as Coeliac New Zealand. For Innovation Academy, I’ll be working with mentoring students and giving them the tools they need to successfully pursue their career in IT.